About Us

  • Wompro International serves clients the world over— and has over 75 years collective experience
  • Our team created over 5,000 unique promotional product campaigns
  • Our clients’ campaigns run from 500 to 10,000,000 units, with an average order running 50,000 units
  • Wompro International’s main offices are in Melbourne (Australia) and Hong Kong—our suppliers and manufacturers are strategically located throughout Asia
  • Our team have won over 45 of the highest awards given by the promotional products industry, a record no one comes close to matching

Client Information

  • Besides servicing some of the world’s largest corporations we also serve medium to small-sized companies—even very small ones (who knows, you could become another Disney or Ford)
  • Wompro International’s client retention rate is far higher than the industry average

Wompro International Quality

  • Our partner-manufacturers/suppliers are researched and scrutinised by us to assure that they continually maintain our rigid and high standards for quality, reliability, safety and fair labour practices
  • Wompro International has an entire department dedicated to tracking, forecasting and incorporating the latest trends and product innovations
  • We offer the most respected award-winning in-house creative and design capabilities in the industry
  • We’ve developed—and continue to enhance—proprietary systems to keep clients in control, informed and involved, every step of the way

Beverage Packaging - Tin

Home Entertainment - DVD - Plastic/Polyprop

DVD Packaging - Lenticular Skin and Card 

Merchandise - Full size professional makeup case


Wompro is a leading suppliers, specialising in creative custom tin packaging, DVD Packaging, CD packaging, Beverage packaging, Lenticular printing and printing solutions in a variety of mediums including paper, card, polyprop, tin and plastics.