The reason so many major brands entrust their name to Wompro International is simple: We earn it, in every step of every service we offer.

How we go about earning it, however, is anything but simple.

It requires our providing the most complete range of services—from inception clear through to delivery, and beyond.

It also demands our assurance that each of our varied services delivers the identical same result: success.

That success—whether for the most basic or the most complex promotional product campaign—depends upon the seamless integration and orchestration of multiple disciplines, performed in various locations, all while making sure that every facet and component meets the highest standards of quality, at the best price, and with guaranteed on-time delivery.

Daunting, yes. Which is why you need a company with the proven expertise and the total commitment of a vastly experienced and tested staff to handle your promotional product campaign. That company, simply, is Wompro International.

Sourcing and Design Services
An in-house sourcing and design team that thinks outside of the box.

They’ve never let all the many awards they’ve won go to their very creative heads. Truth is, no one works harder than they do to stay on top of what’s hot and what’s new. While also keeping a very close an eye on what’s economical and top quality. And, perhaps best of all, this high level of creative and design services, as well as the samples they provide, are offered at no cost.

Cost Control and Stock Management Services
We place a very high priority on keeping your costs low.

Combine our streamlined stock management processes with our passion for keeping costs at, or often, below budget, and the result is pricing that can’t be beat. Then factor in our commitment to quality, and you see why clients trust not only their brand names to Wompro International, but also their budgets.

Project Management Services
We manage it all. Often all at the same time.

While others might shudder at the sheer complexity of managing a project from beginning to end, we at Wompro thrive on the challenge. And excel at it. Our staff’s interdisciplinary expertise and experience enable us to focus both on a project’s minutiae and its grand strategic mission, all while keeping a close tab on the timeline. And we adroitly work with a client’s marketing department and ad agency to coordinate the promotional product campaign within the entire marketing mix.

Logistics and Delivery
No matter how challenging your fulfillment needs, Wompro International delivers.

That’s because there’s likely no merchandise fulfillment problem we haven’t faced and figured out, one way
or another. So no matter what might come along, we’ll be able to handle it, thanks to our sophisticated, proven
procedures that enable us to assure that delivery—even to disparate locations, including to those on continents sitting on opposite sides of the globe—will be made on-time, which is the only time that counts.

Quality Control and Auditing
Our quality control procedures are of the highest quality themselves..

What a promotional product campaign comes down to is, finally, the quality of the product. And it’s here as
much as anywhere that Wompro International has earned and continually reinforces our reputation for excellence. That’s why we rigidly and enthusiastically follow every International and Australian Quality Control, Safety and Fair Labour standard. After all, it’s both our clients' and our own names that are on the line.

Wompro is a leading suppliers, specialising in creative custom tin packaging, DVD Packaging, CD packaging, Beverage packaging, Lenticular printing and printing solutions in a variety of mediums including paper, card, polyprop, tin and plastics.